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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have become the standard for automotive safety over the years and this means the need for accurate and precise calibrations is more essential than ever before.

ADAS Calibrations is a full service, calibration facility servicing Edmond, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the automotive repair industry and on providing top notch customer service. We specialize in calibration, programming, and diagnostics of ADAS components and features and offer convenient electronic scheduling, pick-up, and delivery services to further enhance the customer experience.

When it comes to ADAS calibration and dependability of vehicle safety features, you can have confidence knowing our technicians have the advanced expertise to ensure your safety behind the wheel.

What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) were designed to enhance the driving experience by decreasing collisions and improving safety through danger warnings and even operator assistance. These advanced systems utilize sensors and modules to help increase driver control and minimize human error behind the wheel; improving safety for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.

Common ADAS Systems & Features

Automatic Emergency Braking
Automatically engages braking system when an impeding collision is detected.

Blind Spot Detection
Monitors blind spots and alerts driver when an obstacle is present.

Lane Departure Warning
Alerts driver when they have drifted from their designated lane without proper signaling.

Adaptive Headlights
Adjusts lamp’s brightness and/or positioning to improve visibility in low light conditions.

Pedestrian Detection
Alerts driver when a pedestrian has been detected in their path of travel.

Collision Avoidance System
Detects risk of collision and automatically engages brake system to avoid crash.

Adaptive Cruise Control Controls pace of vehicle based on speed of and distance to forward driver.

The Importance of Calibration

It’s clear that the introduction of advanced driver assistance systems has made the road a safer place but, with advanced technology comes the need for advanced repairs. Less than one degree of misalignment is enough to create problems with a vehicle’s ADAS but proper calibration guarantees that the vehicle’s sensors are accurately adjusted, aligned, and communicating.

There are several ways ADAS sensors can be compromised ranging from collision to common services and repairs (such as windshield replacement or realignment). When a sensor is affected, the ADAS loses dependability and calibration (or recalibration) becomes necessary.

Calibration needs are dependent on vehicle and situation and are often undetectable by the naked eye. This is way it’s important that each situation is addressed with modern technology, special training, and a precise process that includes thorough testing to ensure ADAS systems are functioning properly.

Experienced Technicians,
Dependable Practices

ADAS Calibration Center is setting the standard when it comes to calibration, programming, diagnostics, and most importantly safety. ADAS calibrations are technical and require the right experience, advanced equipment, and proper training. Our technicians have undergone rigorous training to ensure a thorough understanding of these systems and the vehicles that contain these features.

When an ADAS component is compromised it does not always trigger a warning light or diagnostic code and is often not visible to the naked eye. Our calibration technicians are trained to identify such issues with sensors and alignment that could otherwise easily go overlooked. They follow a calibration workflow that accounts for OEM procedures and best practices. Our technicians possess the training, expertise, and equipment necessary to perform accurate, successful calibrations and thorough testing is always done to ensure that all ADAS systems are completely functional before delivering a vehicle back to your facility.

Full Service, Dedicated
Calibration Facility

Our facility is devoted entirely to performing vehicle calibrations, allowing us to offer more efficient and affordable ADAS solutions than shops with more than one focus.

Our facility includes calibration and alignment bays equipped with certified flooring that exceeds OEM requirements for calibration as well as advanced, controllable lighting. This type of controlled environment is essential to perform successful, precise calibrations, free from obstruction and interference that often comes with a traditional auto repair shop environment.

Our Process

Accuracy is essential when performing an ADAS calibration. Our four-step process was developed to ensure precision and accuracy every time. Each vehicle that comes into our facility for calibrations is taken through this process in its entirety to guarantee all ADAS features are fully operational, and the vehicle is safe to return to the road.

Step One

Pre-Calibration Diagnostic Scan
Performing a diagnostic scan prior to calibration allows us to assess the vehicle in its current state and diagnose potential ADAS issues.

a. Identify ADAS systems on each vehicle
b. Identify what ADAS Systems were affected by the accident
c. Identify what ADAS Systems were affected by the repair process

Step Two

Wheel Alignment Verification
Proper wheel alignment is required before performing ADAS calibration on a vehicle.

a. Validate Tire Pressure
b. Thrust Line Verification
c. Initial structural measurement
d. Validate ride height
e. Confirm steering angle sensor
f. Perform any necessary repairs

Step Three

Fuel level and ride height affect calibration so we are sure validate the current status of these factors as part of the calibration process.

a. Validate Fuel Level (Compensation weight added when not a full tank)
b. Validate Ride Height
b. Vehicle calibration(s)
d. Test Drive
e. Final health check/scan

Step Four

Health Check (Post Scan)
No calibration is complete without the documentation to support it! We complete a post scan of the vehicle and provide you with reports validating all work that has been performed.

a. Complete post scan
b. Provide documented certification of calibration